Do Not Give Up on Love

Do not give up on loving because someone hurt you, there are people out there who still care! Two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday, I am a big boy now. My birthday celebrations for this year were like no other. The celebrations started at midnight promptly. It’s the norm here that birthday boys and […]

My Life Is All I Have

How grateful I am, to hold the experience of the moment in my hands, to grasp it and get enlarged like the cosmos. How God preempts everything, how God has given me the compassion of His grace, what an entirety, I am a moment of being, the continuity of human predicament, in which in this […]

Who Could Tell

Who could tell!She was just nine,Abused,betrayed and sexually harassed,But did she have a choice,Not even one,you could never tell. She laughed,played like other kids,You know it’s normal for kids to be grumpy, But deep down she had what was different from others. Nobody would love her ,accept her nor believe her. She truly loved her […]

Understanding Fear

In the modern world, the stakes are lower. Although public speaking, elevators, and spiders generally don’t present immediately dire consequences, some individuals still develop extreme fight-flight-or-freeze responses to specific objects or scenarios. Many people experience occasional bouts of fear, such as when giving a high-stakes presentation, or feelings of “nerves,” such as going on a first […]


I am not scared of Corona VirusFor I died long agoJust that the body refuses to accept and move onI am not afraid of this demonic pandemicI am scared of social distancingI am scared of quarantineI am scared of the reality In this gloomy nook of isolationCricket chirps of the hunger virusEmpty cans watching me […]

3-2-1 Safe House Ideas Quotes and Questions

Happy Saturday. The last week has been wild, strange, and uncertain for most of us. COVID-19 is creating a unique situation and it is forcing everyone into new routines and different lifestyles. Many people are working from home. Most of us are living in a different way than usual. In times of uncertainty, your habits […]


Fear of destinyFear of timeFear of tommorowFear of darknessFear of the unknownFear of losingFear of truthFear, fear, fear… I fear the only recourse is to plead insaneIt’s what makes me prayIt’s what makes me fightIt’s what makes me lieIt’s  what makes me struggle in vainFear is what makes my life a day