Depression and Suicide

Most suicides are linked to some form of psychiatric illness, particularly depression, and the more severe the depression, the greater the risk. Still, most people with major depression do not die by their own hand. Studies show that about 5 percent of depressed persons may have thoughts about suicide—suicidal ideation. Only a small percentage of […]

Why We Need To Talk More About Mental Health In College Students

Mental illness is skyrocketing among college students. According to current research, one in five young adults struggles with mental illness, though many don’t seek help. They feel overwhelmed by new responsibilities, and anxiety can cause conflicts in school. Some of the most common mental health challenges students face include: ·     Anxiety ·     Depression ·     Eating disorders ·     Addiction ·     Thoughts of suicide […]

Depression & Suicide: Getting Help

Trevor used to be able to talk to his friends when he was feeling down, but as his depression gets worse, he doesn’t have much interest in hanging out. He spends most of his time alone in his room and is starting to wonder if anyone would even miss him if he were gone. Trevor […]

Understanding Depression

Everybody gets depressed once in a while, and you can sometimes feel moody or really, really sad without being diagnosed with depression. But if you’re feeling down more often than not, and it’s interfering with your daily life, you could have depression. The articles explain the symptoms of depression and how to get help. At […]

What Commercials on Drugs Get Wrong About Depression

From the ads, you’d think depression was no worse than the flu or a hangover. You can’t concentrate at your job or just don’t want to be there. You live in your sweatpants. You don’t feel like doing the laundry or you can’t remember how to program your high-tech washer. You don’t want to frolic […]

Things To Remember When You Loved One Who Has Depression

1. Depression is not a choice. Depression is one of the most helpless and frustrating experiences a person can have. It’s sometimes feeling sad, sometimes feeling empty, and sometimes feeling absolutely nothing at all. There are times when depression can leave someone feeling paralyzed in their own mind and body, unable to do the things they used […]