If I Showed You..

If I showed you the insecurities would you have stayed? I always think about it because I never felt less insecure of my strength. The strength that comes from mountains and fjords far beyond. Everything could fall apart today but would you let that kill you? So I thought. I wonder if the snow wishes […]

You Are A Mess!!

You leave behind a formless beautiful, only to the eyes of a few.

Something For You and Me…

To those who we fell out with along the way, cheers, we were once constants and the memories will forever remain close.


Remember, you are in charge of your own life. You are in control of your own path.

Things To Believe In When The World Makes You Sad

Believe in the power of art. Art in all of its forms. Whether it’s painting, or photography, or theatre, or music, or dance, or literature, or sculpture, or a different medium – recognize that art has the power to make this world better. Art is the salve for the wounds of a soul. Art is […]

For A Moment

And for just a few brief moments in time, My world came down around me, It was hard to breath, hard to trust, hard to imagine anything being the same again; I pushed you so far away to protect my world from completely crumbling around me. You showed up to let me know I wasn’t […]

It Doesn’t Mean You Need To Stay Single

No, you shouldn’t get into a serious relationship with someone new while you’re still obsessing over your ex. No, you shouldn’t leap into the first set of arms you see before you’re really ready to move on. No, you shouldn’t end up breaking someone’s heart in retaliation for a completely different person breaking your heart. […]

When Adulting Gets Hard, Just Remember

Growing up, you observed other adults around you and thought they all had their shit together. Everyone seems to have it together. But that’s far from the truth. Now that I’m an adult, I understand that nobody has their shit figured out and we’re all in this together. We’re all doing the best we can […]