A quick google search reveals that the word sorry expresses feelings regret or feelings of distress at someone else’s misfortunes.

I bet you knew that, or didn’t you? We often casually through the word sorry around, weighing down it’s meaning and sometimes weighing ourselves down.

For instance we use the word sorry when needing to pass instead of excuse me, after making an ignorant mistake (sorry I don’t understand English)or for circumstances beyond our control (sorry I am sick).

Think about it, is it proper to show regret for being sick or for wanting to have way? These, unfortunately, are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the inappropriate use of sorry.
Our times are rife with its misuse . Not only is it poor manners to use sorry inappropriately, it is also very detrimental to communication and puts ourselves in a position of powerlessness.

This week we shall discuss proper alternatives to sorry and how to properly apologize.

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