woman with smeared eyes in studio

Depression and Suicide

Most suicides are linked to some form of psychiatric illness, particularly depression, and the more severe the depression, the greater the risk. Still, most people with major depression do not die by their own hand. Studies show that about 5 percent of depressed persons may have thoughts about suicide—suicidal ideation. Only a small percentage of […]


Where am I?

Arsenal lost at home to Leicester City over the weekend. For a bona fide gunner like me, this week couldn’t begin any worse. Not even the fun with friends over the weekend could blur that sad fact. In my dream the previous day before the match I had dreamed that it would be 1 – […]


The Self Care Act

Interesting times indeed. Self-care has often been associated with going for icecream dates, scheduling a spa day, going to your dream vacation and eating what you have always longed to eat. What happens when doing all these things is suddenly almost illegal? Does self-care lose its meaning just because you can’t enjoy what you used […]

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