Dreams. As soon as we learnt how to spell our names we discovered what we thought we wanted to be when we grew up. Most of us wanted to become lawyers, pilots, engineers, doctors, just to mention but the popular few we had heard of. Adults would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up and our faces would light up and confidently say an architect, at least that’s what I knew I wanted to be.

We got to know about hormones and started reconsidering what we wanted to be when we grew up. A girl could take a look at her pocket mirror, applied lip gloss and some powder and immediately she felt that she can easily become a model or an air hostess. A boy could look at his abs and biceps and wanted to be a filthy rich guy getting all the beautiful females by his side or chose to go to the sports department to entertain such a life. The nerd girl always grew up to want to be a scientist or a doctor and so did the nerd guy.

Isn’t it amazing how life is all planned out before our eyes but little do we know how the outcome will eventually be?

Looking back at where you’ve come from and where you are in life, you realize that the dreams you were so enthusiastic about don’t matter anymore. This might be because they told you being a musician doesn’t pay that much be practical and be a lawyer or you want to be an author or a poet, it is a good thing but it has to be your side hustle be an engineer and all will work out in the end. One by one all your dreams were shuttered just because they thought they wouldn’t pay off your bills. Maybe they were right but what if you did follow your dreams? Where would you be now? Would you perhaps be happier? Would you be living the life you’ve always wanted?

I’m sure we won’t find out because now you are too scared to start chasing them. The world has put you as a person in a perspective that there are unwritten rules of what you should do and what you shouldn’t in order to make good money. Just like that all the things you’ve been dreaming of doing isn’t in your best of interest anymore. All the places you wanted to pay a visit since they will make you feel alive again are now dumb. You don’t even genuinely smile anymore. You are exhausted of the life you are living as you don’t seem to know who you are anymore.

If life is as easy as ABC, then I guess we are all kindergarten dropouts.


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