Happy Monday and welcome to December!

As we wind down the year (and the decade), here are 3 short ideas to consider, 2 quotes to ponder, and 1 question to explore this week…




New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do.

And a lifestyle is not an outcome, it is a process. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.



How to Be Unhappy:

-stay inside all day
-move as little as possible
-spend more than you earn
-take yourself (and life) too seriously
-look for reasons why things won’t work
-always consume, never contribute
-resent the lucky and successful
-never say hello first
-be unreliable

Invert for happiness:

-get outside each day 
-move: walk, exercise, dance 
-spend less than you earn 
-view life as play 
-be the one who looks for solutions 
-develop a bias to contribute and create 
-learn from the lucky and successful 
-be the first to say hello 
-be reliable


Some people need more focus. Others need to broaden their perspective.

Some people need to try harder. Others need to stress less.

Some people need to care more. Others need to let it go.

The secret is you are both people. The key is to know which one you are in this moment.




A line from the Bhagavad Gita, the ancient Sanskrit scripture, on focusing on the process rather than the results:

“You are only entitled to the action, never to its fruits.”

Source: Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 47​​


Husband and wife co-authors, Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, on optimism:

“People who describe the glass as half full are not delusional optimists. In fact, they are more based in reality because they are describing a substance that is actually in the glass. They are describing reality as it is. The cynic who describes the glass as half empty is focusing their energy on something that is not actually there.”

Source: The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Zander and Benjamin Zander


What are you avoiding just because you know the answer is painful?

Until next week,

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