The Zero Parking; Nairobi Has a Lot to Gain from Recycling Car-Centric Space

Cars are made to be driven, but they spend just 5% of every day in motion. The rest of the time, vehicles in the Nairobi sit in the counties 14, 864 parking spaces, of which 3,941 are on-street parking, representing 26.5% of the total. Off-street parking slots are 3, 834 while 7,089 are building parking. […]

Accidental Design: The Silk Sample Sacks that Turned into Tea Bags

Bags are to tea as filters are to coffee, each classic consumer staples integrated into our basic conception of these hot drinks. But tea bags were no genius creation designed to revolutionize the market for this age-old product. In fact, the man credited with popularizing this “invention” didn’t even realize what he held in hand — until, that is, […]