In a lighthouse on the sandy shoals near the raging sea,Comes a boy every morning,The strong winds blow and the sea waves rise so high.Each day he sits to watch, believing that by raising his hand,The sea waters rise to the thoughts in his mind.“Dad look, “I can raise and calm a sea storm…”And out […]


The big show

Solitude.Man’s worst enemy and yet my best friend.I retreat to it as often,Diving into my own thoughts as deeper,Inside my dark room with a note on the door, ‘do not open,’And whenever somebody new came and asked.“How do you even see in here? its darker”“Just grab me another beer,” I’d say,“The big show is inside […]


On The Day

On the days you want to smile, but have to sighReflecting upon warm memories, through ripples of time,the old dreams On the days when you are not able to bury your hardest times,forgetting that they happened, and your soul is frozen in time…On the days when no true word can be said or heard, when […]


Restless Nights

False realities,some pass,some never come,3am, the deepest thoughts come before slumber.Moments that are forgotten and replaced with nightmares. You want to erase the memories and times spend in space and in a cruise full of flowers and love.But those nights,make you grow,you end up making decisions that are hard and can determine a lifetime. Yes […]


Who Could Tell

Who could tell!She was just nine,Abused,betrayed and sexually harassed,But did she have a choice,Not even one,you could never tell. She laughed,played like other kids,You know it’s normal for kids to be grumpy, But deep down she had what was different from others. Nobody would love her ,accept her nor believe her. She truly loved her […]


Don’t Forget My Name

I don’t think you’re perfect but I think everything about you that’s not is what makes you fascinating. It sounds so dumb but I find myself wanting to remember certain things about you, like the way your hair falls or how you say certain words or how you hold your pen- I’m telling you it’s […]


Noche- II

I know that the night is not the same as the day:that all things are different,that the things of the night cannot be explained in the day,because they do not then exist,and the night can be a dreadful time for lonely peopleonce their loneliness has started. But with you there was almost no difference in […]